Planning With a Family Focus

It's hard to think of your financial future without thinking of your family. You may be planning to help give your children their start in life, to help your parents live comfortably in retirement, or to turn your wealth into a family legacy that will carry over to future generations.

We work to help you establish continuity between your generation and the next, which requires much more than writing a Will. While our estate specialists develop the appropriate financial structures, we also assist in goal-setting, communicating and education of younger family members.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Educating your children, grandchildren and beneficiaries about finance and investments
  • Defining your family wealth and estate goals
  • Developing taxation and preservation strategies for multigenerational wealth transfers
  • Working with specialized estate planners on-hand
  • Implementing family trusts and other structures to manage family wealth, tax efficiently
  • Reducing administrative expenses and legal fees upon death
  • Preserving and leaving a lasting legacy for your heirs, favourite charities and causes
  • Managing asset disbursements to beneficiaries
  • Implementing insurance solutions to conserve family wealth and minimize taxes

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