Live Your Life While Your Wealth Grows

When your portfolio is built according to the needs and goals of your financial plan, it can also be made to adapt to the changes in your life. But when it's your investment performance that dictates which wealth goals are possible, your financial well-being starts to rise and fall with the markets.

Our objective is to build portfolios that can weather all markets and adapt to your life as it shifts. With your financial or retirement plan in place and your lifestyle and cash flow goals defined, we can make our selections, allocations and recommendations according to those needs. We then initiate a diligent monitoring, reporting and updating process in order to keep your investments in line with your goals.

Our investment management offering includes:

  • Asset allocation diversified through cash, fixed income, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds
  • Canadian, U.S. and international securities
  • Vast inventory of fixed-income and money market instruments, such as T-bills, GICs, government bonds and corporate bonds
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Investment Consulting Service™: Canada's leading separately-managed account program, which offers access to proven investment managers from around the world

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