The Jackson Group Process

When you picture your ideal retirement, it’s not luck, the economy or hot stocks that will make it happen; it’s about the plan and level of commitment to it. We believe that in both investing and retirement, the process you follow has a significant influence on the results you achieve.

 STEP 1   Personal Discovery
This is your opportunity to reflect on and gain clarity around your goals and personal values. In turn, this allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your early retirement options and ideal lifestyle.
 STEP 2  Integrated Planning
We craft a comprehensive retirement plan that can weather all markets and support the values you've defined. This includes income sources, tax-efficient strategies and risk management.
 STEP 3  Implementing the Plan
Your portfolio is constructed as part of your overall roadmap for the stages of retirement. We begin to implement all of the recommendations presented.
 STEP 4  Monitoring the Plan
As your retirement unfolds, we focus on monitoring portfolio performance and periodically rebalance to keep up with changing markets and your changing life.
 STEP 5  Consultation & Communication
We serve as a central point of communication for you, your existing tax and legal advisors, and our own specialists. Our goal is to keep all parts of your plan relevant, cohesive and up-to-date.

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